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100 1 _aPitts, David V.,
245 1 0 _aRed Hat Linux 6 unleashed /
_cDavid Pitts, Bill Ball, et al.
260 _a[Indianapolis, Ind.] :
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500 _aTABLE OF CONTENTS. Part 1 introduction and installation of Red Hat Linux 1 introduction and installation of Red Hat Linux and Unix - advantages of Linux -copyright and warranty -where to get Red Hat linux 2 Installation of your Red Had Systems -Be prepared, be very prepared -installing red hat linux, etc 3 LILO -installing and configuring LILO - using LordLin .EXE to boot linux -how to install LILO, etc 4 Configuring the X window system, version 11 -the x window system -setting up your XFree86 SYSTEM -configuring your XFree86 SYSTEM, etc 5 Windows managers -what is a window manager? -the GNOME X Environment -features of the enlightment window manager, etc Part II configuring services 6 system starup and shutdown The boot system The initialization process and startup scripts When the system crashes, etc 7 SMTP and protocols A brief history of internet Email Standards introduction to sendmail The post office protocol, etc 8 FTP Getting and installing the FTP How the FTP server works? Configuring your FTP server The FTP Administrative Tools , etc 9 Apache server Server installation Runtime server configuration settings Virtual Hosting Logging CGI and SSI, etc 10 Internet news Linux and Newsgroups INN Hardware and Software Requirements Introduction to NNTPCache Introduction to trn, etc 11 The domain name service A brief history of the internet BIND 8, etc 12 NIS: Network information service Understanding NIS Configuring NIS server Configuring an NIS client, etc 13 NFS: Network filesystem Installing NFS Starting and stopping the NFS Daemons, etc 14 Samba Installing samba Configuring samba Sharing files and print services, etc Part III System Administration and Management 15 Filesystems, Disks and other devices Character devices Block Devices Filesystems, etc 16 Printing with Linux Printer devices How do I print? The RHS Linux print system manager, etc 17 TCP/IP network management TCP/IP Basic Configuring the network, etc 18 Connecting to the internet Setting up the Dummy interface Setting up PPP, etc 19 Red Hat Graphical Administration Tools Organization of Red Hat FileSystems The Red Hat Package Manager, etc 20 Essential system Administration Handling the All-Powerful root Account Maintain ng the system, etc 21 Advanced system Administration Basic performance Analysis Graphical Monitoring Tools, etc 22 GNU project utilities The GNU project software Distributions File utilities, Find utilities etc 23 Backup and restore successful backup consideration, Qualities of a good backup Backup strategies and operations etc 24 System security Thinking about security Danger, Will Robinson, danger etc. Part IV programming in LINUX 25 Shell programming Creating and executing a shell program Variables Positional parameters etc. 26 gawk programming Application of awk Actions Advanced input and output Functions etc. 27 Automating Tasks First example automating data entry Tips for improving automation technique Shell scripts etc. 28 Configuring and building kernels An introduction to Linux kernel Obtaining the kernel sources Configuring Linux kernel Configuration options etc. 29 Network programming Networking concepts A TCP client example A TCP server example etc. 30 C and C++ programming Background on the C language Programming in C: Basic concepts Creating, compiling, and executing your first program etc. 31 Perl programming A simple Perl program Perl variables and data structures Conditional statements: if/else and unless Looping etc. 32 Motif programming What is Motif? Red Hat Motif installation A simple example of Motif programming concepts etc. 33 tcl and tk programming tcl basics The tcl language The tk toolkit etc. 34 Programming in pythons Getting ready to run python Python command-line interpreter Python programs Control statements etc. 35 Java programming What is Java? Java support in red hat Linux Software development kits An overview of the Java language etc. Part V Appendixes
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