Lawrence, Ruth A.

Breastfeeding : a guide for the medical profession / Ruth A. Lawrence, Robert M. Lawrence. - 8th edition. - xiii, 975 p. : ill. ; 27 cm.


Chapter 1.The revolution in infant feeding.
Chapter 2. Anatomy of the breast
Chapter 3. Physiology of lactation.
Chapter 4. Biochemistry of human milk.
Chapter 5. Host-resistance factors and immunologic significance of human milk.
Chapter 6. Psychological impact of breastfeeding.
Chapter 7. Benefits of breastfeeding for infants/making an informed decision.
Chapter 8. Practical management of the mother-infant nursing couple.
Chapter 9. Maternal nutrition and supplements for mother and infant.
Chapter 10. Weaning.
Chapter 11. Normal growth, failure to thrive, and obesity in breastfed infants.
Chapter 12. Medications, herbal preparations, and natural products in breast milk.
Chapter 13. Transmission of infectious diseases through breast milk and breastfeeding.
Chapter 14. Breastfeeding infants with problems.
Chapter 15. Premature infants and breastfeeding.
Chapter 16. Medical complications of mothers.
Chapter 17. Human milk as a prophylaxis.
Chapter 18. Employment and away from home activities while breastfeeding.
Chapter 19. Induced lactation and relactation (including nursing the adopted baby) and cross-nursing --
Chapter 20. Reproductive function during lactation --
Chapter 21. The collection and storage of human milk and human milk banking --
Chapter 22. Breastfeeding support groups and community resources --
Chapter 23. Educating and training the medical professional.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

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Breast Feeding.
Milk, Human.

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